Fatzinger Hall Revitalization


$400,000 Capital Campaign


Our Plan

With your kind donation, the Waterloo Library & Historical Society will get to work on revitalizing our historic theater. The theater will get expanded risers, new seats, upgraded electrical, lighting, sound equipment, projector and movie screen, new carpet, paint and air conditioning. Thus making our theater a more user friendly comfortable place for year round use.

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Riser Expansion

Our current risers were not meant for the height of today’s people. Expanding the width of the risers to 36″ each will allow for new seats, leg room, and easier mobility. Railing installation for safety and sanding refinishing the wood work. Moveable seating will be added for accessibility. $50,000.00

New Seating

New seating installation to replace the hand me down seats currently installed. The new seats will maintain the historical look and feel of the building. They will provide comfort and allow for easy movement through the rows. $62,000.00

Air Conditioning & AV Upgrades

Upgrade sound equipment, lighting, projector, movie screen and electrical. Fresh paint and new flooring will be needed after the completion of risers and seating. Installation of air conditioning for year round use. $288,000.00