Museum of Intrigue Theatrical Event

The Waterloo Library & Historical Society will be hosting a Theatrical Experience on September 28th from 6:30pm-8:30pm. The Museum of Intrigue be here presenting their 1920’s Speakeasy Experience with everyone who comes to this event. Join us for an immersive, interactive experience made possible by the Delavan Foundation.

The famous Don Caruso, long-time head of the Caruso Crime Family, has passed on and left control of the family to his three grown-up children. His progeny are having a rough time deciding among themselves who should take over and make all of the important decisions. In order to find the new Don (or Donette!), you will need to meet all of them, collect gossip, choose whose side you are on, and help them win the position of head of the Caruso Family. Each of the family members will send you on special assignments, and ask you to find hidden things for them in order to win points for the family member that you want to lead. The person who earns the most points for their choice will be sent a special gift from the Carusos!


*Photo provided by the Museum of Intrigue

This free event is recommended for young adults and adults due to mature content. For more information on this and other events hosted by the Waterloo Library and Historical Society contact 315-539-3313, or check out our website

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